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I AM INFLUENCE is a social media marketing company based in Charlotte, NC. We are here to develop eye-catching marketing material that will grow your business and its overall outreach on all social media platforms. From eye catching graphics, to product photos that POP, we guarantee to have a powerful influence on your target market.


Web Design

Social Media Marketing

Marketing Material

Sell products, collect emails, and showcase your business through a responsive website.

Grow your social media footprint by allowing our experts to post all of your exciting news and photos.

Our designers are passionate about bringing your company's mission to life through memorable design for business cards, flyers, signs, and more.

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Create your own monthly package by choosing from our menu of services. Now you have full control over what services could benefit your company the most. All at a custom price!

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Per Month

Contact us and we will be in touch shortly to discuss your custom monthly plan.

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